Monday, October 29, 2012


Day 217... The nights are getting colder and we were blessed with a covering of snow last night.  Our Kyham Igloo tent really did live up to its name.

Our last campsite was also very cold, and it wasnt just Vick and I that felt it either.  A tiny vole decided it would be a good idea to burrow under our tent and use our bodies as a blanket.  I imagine he was cursing me as I took the tent down above him.

We have been in Papa, Hungary for the last 4 nights.  Camped in what has been the busiest campsite since Benidorm.  It was the first campsite again where people all stop and stare at us in the weird and funny looking car (we haven't had that in a while)  It seems everyone was here for the thermal baths just outside the gate.  Everyone was wearing dressing gowns on the campsite, Vick and I started to feel a little overdressed at times.  We had a little stroll into Papa on Saturday to see what was around.  I'm sure when it's finished the town square will look great.  All we got to see was a mud square.

Heading to Budapest tomorrow where the weather will still be cold.