Friday, August 31, 2012

Our house leaks...

We had some issues with our tent too this weekend.  It leaked from underneath.  Through the footprint groundsheet and through the tent inner.  Luckily nothing got to wet.  Just a little damp.  I emailed Kyham yesterday and they have arranged a collection on Monday to put the inner through some tests back at their warehouse. 

Hopefully it will all return in working order before we leave for Poland on the 12th September.  The last thing we want is a leaky tent when we're heading for Poland.  It's not famous for it's dry winters.

In other news we took our Coleman pans back yesterday as all the non stick came off the small pan.  We invested a bit more money and bought an MSR 2 pot set.  To be honest the Coleman pans where way to large for just me and Vick.  The MSR are as light as a feather.